Welcome to Beautiful Provence


Come away with us, with a small group of your best girl buddies.  Traveling together is oh so much more fun!  Group of girls, 6-8, small luxury tour.


Active, Fun, Ready for Adventure Women Need apply.


Feel like you don’t have anyone to travel with?  Feel like you can’t go to Europe as a girl alone?

We want to help.

Imagine Travel Tours allows you to have instant friends that meet you at the airport and pick you up, and whisk you away to Fun and Adventure you have been dreaming of doing, but weren’t sure how to do alone.


We are looking for a Fun group of women that want to travel to see the sights of Europe.

Paris anyone?  Provence?  Prague- Venice-Rome-London-Scotland-Ireland?  You choose and we make the itinerary for you.  We handle all the details for you, all you need to do is pick the date and your flights and we build the trip around your time frames.


Have a group you want to gather together?  Don’t know anyone, we can put a group together for you.


Contact us with your idea of where you want to go, and when, and we can build your Dream Holiday from there.


How About Spring in Provence where the Lavender grows, the Rose wine flows and there is so much to explore.  Love Antiques, we know where to find them, Farmers Markets with fresh produce ready for your brunch.  Hot Croissants and coffee on a corner Café.  This is what you Dreams are all about when thinking of France.  Can you smell the flowers, taste the wine?  You are going to be in Heaven we Promise.


Welcome to YOUR Custom Tour in France.  We are giving you ideas of what you might love but we can customize to your wants-needs and desires.  We feel that tours that tell you what to do, when and where, are just not what we would want.  This is really about meeting friends you didn’t know you had, who live in France.  And we want to share with you what we have explored and found fabulous. We know the secrets, you just tell us your desire.


Provence, South of France.  It Is about the Lavender which blooms every year May and June.  If you come then we will go to the fields of Purple.  If you can’t come May June, we will visit the other parts of Provence, the History the hilltop towns with beautiful shopping. Provence and Lavender are still there after the fields are picked.


Fabulous Hilltop towns with views

There is so much to see and do.  Hiking, Biking, Vespa tours.  Rich in history, the South of France has so much to offer.  Love Antiques, Come to the largest grouping of Brocantes in the South! We can also combine the South Antiques with Paris Flea market as well.


Land of Castles, BIG Castles, Fabulous hilltop towns, HISTORY like no other.  Food and Wine and even beaches.  If you want a day trip to the Riveria we can do that as well.  Provence has its own local beaches too.  Big Cities like Marseille, Aix en Provence to tiny hill top towns, or river borroughs with fabulous antiques.

Provence delivers that dream you have been thinking of.  Friends and food in France.

Come with us, we make it all happen, we do all the work, you have all the fun.

Send us an email and lets get started on your Holiday.