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Data Protection Officer, DPO

Europe – GDPR enforcement has begun, and your organization can’t afford inadequate compliance. As of July 2019, data protection authorities have announced 360 million euros in fines against organizations ranging from real estate management firms to hotel chains to airlines. More than 300,000 cases and complaints are pending with authorities across the EU.

Do your policies and procedures meet GDPR standards? What steps should you take to find out?

California/US – To date, the California Consumer Privacy Act is the most sweeping privacy legislation ever implemented in the U.S. If your program is not compliant, you are risking the potential for harsh enforcement and fines.

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act creates new protections for the personal data of California residents and new requirements for the businesses that process it. With CCPA’s 12-month look back from the effective date, enforcement beginning July 2020, and a private right of action tied to data breaches, some critical action is needed now.   

Contracted Managed IT Services

You are an expert in your business and as experts in IT we can help by managing your IT needs companywide.  We stay up to date on security, compliance and functionality so you don’t have to.

We have specialists available in several time zones covering most business hours enabling us to have a rapid response time to serious issues affecting business continuity and security issues.

Remote Technical Support

Our helpful techs can set up a secure point to point connection with your user’s computer and help resolve most issues without the need for on-site visits and associated costs.

We establish a great working rapport with our clients and not only resolve issues but help them learn to utilize their computers.  We love to share our knowledge 

By learning how each of you “use” your software and system we can help you become more efficient and productive!

Website Development, Hosting & Email

We can help you with all aspects of your domain registration, website creation and server side functionality including hosting and enterprise email solutions.

In addition to traditional web services, we offer WordPress and Divi development and E-Commerce solutions

Special Projects

As a ZeroLimits partner you will have access to our team of development specialists can help you fulfill your most ambitious technological concept for your business.  With full NDA compliance, share your ideas with us and we will help convert your vision into reality.

From specialized smart board rooms, prism and holographic displays to NAS and high speed RAID arrays for large volume data access we have you covered.

We look forward to enabling your most ambitious ideas to come to fruition!

Colaboration & Video Conferencing Solutions

A very popular solution for many of our clients is our remote login, teleconferencing and Team software services.  We are experts and partners in Cisco, Webex, Zoom, MS Teams, Skype for Business and TeamViewer.  We can resolve issues for you no matter where you are.  As you run your business remotely or from home in these trying times, we can help support you by helping you leverage the newest secure technology.

Migrating onto the Cloud

Making the decision to move your data into the cloud is a daunting task for any company.  What services to choose? How to implement and procure the right services?  We have the answers and can help guide you to the correct basket of services to meet your specific needs.

We can assist in your secure migration onto the cloud and administer your services for you, freeing you up to get back to running your company!

Specialized Consulting

Digital Currency Purchase and trading

Our consultants have a decade of experience in digital currency mining & trading, bots and development.  Blockchain, Wallets, Exchanges oh my!  If you want “IN” from basic to advanced we can help you Securely and Anonymously take control of your own money.  Remember, control your own keys!

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