Bonjour Design Committee;  

We wanted to send a “look sheet” of what we are hoping to achieve of our living space in Les B.  The two tiles in center, are tiles we already own and that we were using in our current house. We would like to use in Les B makeover (either in bathroom or kitchen backsplash or entry hall) Until we are at the house we don’t have decisions just yet.  

We do know we would like to do an upgrade to kitchen from its current status of RED and counter tops and appliances.  We like to cook and the current situation is less than we would like.  

Bathrooms,  we only saw the one time, so unsure but such as,  the very modern HOME DEPOT style sink, I would like to replace with more of a furniture/antique style chest with new sink’ fixtures.  

This is  the over all scope of the house I wanted to share so you know what direction we want to go.  

Currently in shopping mode of most items so nothing finite just yet.  Hope you like and approve of how we would like to move forward.

Please advise, Kind Regards Darla and Darren

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