Specialized Services

Managed IT Services

You are an expert in your field of business and have developed specialized knowledge.  By leveraging our expertice in IT you can get back to doing,” what you know”, and growing your company.

Allowing us to help support your technological services gives you the freedom to have the time to focus on your specialization and what made you sucessful in the first place.

Our experts stay up to date on security, compliance and functionality so you don’t have to.  Our remote service desk can be available 24/7, finding solutions for your most complicated issues.

Email, Enterprise and Data Migrations

As companies small and large migrate their services onto the cloud, security, integrity and access issues are compounded.  Allow us to help you successfully navigate and  transition your company to a higher level.  We facilitate data and service moves to and from most providers including 365, Egnyte, DropBox, G-Suite and SaaS, IaaS.

Special Projects

Our team of development specialists can help you fulfill your most ambitious technological concept for your business.  With full NDA compliance, share your ideas with us and we will help convert your vision into reality.

From specialized smart board rooms, prism and holographic displays to NAS and high speed RAID arrays for large volume data access we have you covered

Leverage our expertise to create solutions for your most ambitious ideas.

Digital Security

As your business increasingly relies on electronic information storage and communication, it is imperative that you adapt your information security policies accordingly.  

We treat Security as a critical, level 1 issue.  Many businesses use reactive policies to respond to threats.  We believe inn thinking proactively so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

ZeroLimits stays current and uses preemptive measures to reduce your exposure and risk to invasive and systematic threats 

Team & Video Conferencing Solutions

A very popular solution for many of our clients is our remote login, teleconferencing and Team software services.  We are experts and partners in Cisco, Webex, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams and Teamviewer.  We can resolve issues for you no matter where you are.  As you run your business remotely or from home in these trying times we can help support you by helping you leverage the newest secure technology.

Website Development, Hosting & Email

We can help you with all aspects of your domain registration, website creation and server side functionality including hosting and email. In addition to traditional web services we offer WordPress and Divi development and E-Commerce solutions

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Mobile Application Development

We can develop cross platform App’s for corporate or worldwide distribution. Along with our network partners we can help you get your project approved and launched in time for market.   Have an idea you want to create?  Ask us how we can help!  Our streamlined idea to launch processes can enable you to compete with the big guys!

Digital Marketing Solutions

Are you being seen by the right people out there on the World Wide Web?  We have 25 years of experience dealing with  search engine Algorithms & SEO placement and can help you attract the right customers with our customized marketing campaigns.

Digital Currency Consulting

Our consultants have a decade of experience in digital currency mining & trading, bots and development.  Blockchain, Wallets, Exchanges oh my!  If you want “IN” from basic to advanced we can help you Securely and Anonymously take control of your own money.  Remember, control your own keys!

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