The True answer is, YES!

If you have a smart phone it has GPS, Global Positioning System, functionality.  

The real question is who has access to this information.  According to Apple and Google you can turn this function or Location Setting off for apps and in general.  Now they have opted to make the Covid location and notification function a part of the operating system as opposed to an app like Health or Four Square for instance that you can disable easily.  

To that end we have provided you with a step by step method to opt in or out.

It is our belief that YOU should always be in control of ALL forms of your Privacy and security.

How to disable COVID-10 Exposure Notifications
iPhone users

COVID-19 Exposure Notifications will be turned on by default at the system level on iPhone via an upcoming iOS 13.5 software update. Once your iPhone is running that update, if you want to adjust your COVID-10 Exposure Notifications’ settings, you can do so.

Just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Swipe down and tap Privacy
  • Choose Health
  • Tap COVID-19 Exposure Notifications at the top
  • Tap the toggle to turn notifications off (or on if you already turned them off)

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