Do you know someone who’s company is beginning to need technical help?
Are they great at what they do but are struggling with their computers?

As companies reach a particular size they begin to require specialization.  Accounting is usually the first to break off.  Shortly thereafter a business starts to need an IT expert to help.  One who can guide them through the myriad of offerings, services and technologies just to continue Business as Usual.

As companies grow large enough they can afford an internal IT department who can set in place policies and security procedures. This allows the company to leverage the advantages of new tech, while at the same time protecting the data that has given the company it’s fighting edge.

Are the back up procedures in place across the company to mitigate data loss?  Are the company’s data assets, including financial records safe from employee attrition and off-boarding?

These are examples of issues that enterprise level corporations deal with everyday and can be a costly lesson if not prepared for as a small business grows.

We are here to help!  ZeroLimits and Associates have a long history handling start up and enterprise level clients.  We are choosing to focus on smaller businesses that the large Managed IT firms have left behind.  

If you know of someone who might benefit from our special talents, Please recommend us to your friends and we will take it from there!

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